10 things NOT to Say To Your LGBTQ Child

When LGBTQ youth experience rejection from their family and friends because of their sexual identity, they have an increase risk of depression, anxiety, suicide and substance abuse. The Trevor Project conducts an annual survey of LGBTQ youth. Their 2021 survey found that 42% of them had seriously considered suicide attempts in the previous year.

LGBTQ stands for lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgenders, queer, and questioning.

As a parent, or as a loved one, you want to be an ally and not an enemy.
These are 10 unacceptable behaviors that can increase your child’s likelihood of developing serious mental health issues.
1. It’s a phase
, tell your LGBTQ child.2. Family members and close friends should not talk negatively about LGBTQ issues around your child.
3. Encourage your child to be more relaxed about how they act or look.
4. Stop your child from being friends with LGBTQ people.
5. Your child should tell you that they must get right with God. You can also take your child to religious leaders and ask them to pray for your child’s salvation.
6. To get rid of your child, you can hit, slap, or roughen them up.
7. Your child should not wear clothing that reflects their gender diversity.
8. You should not use a pronoun or name that is not compatible with your child’s gender identity.
9. Tell your child that you won’t discuss the LGBTQ issues with them.
10. You can exclude your LGBTQ child
from family events and activities
These are seven examples of accepting behavior that can increase self-esteem and mental well-being in your child.
1. Ask your child when and how you can help them share their identity
with others.2. Find out the gender expression of your child to learn more about it.3. Talk openly with your child about their LGBTQ expression 4. Respect your child
and other family members.5. Use the child’s choice name and the pronoun matching their identity
6. Your child can become a happy adult. Tell them that they will live a fulfilling life.
7. Talk to your child about identity and listen with respect.

Ryan C, Huebner D, Diaz RM, Sanchez J. Rejection from the family is a risk factor for poor health outcomes among young Latino and white lesbian, gay and bisexual adults. Pediatrics. 2009;123(1): 346-352.
TheTrevorProject.org and FamilyProject.sfsu.edu

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