3 Strategies Your Limited one Gets Caught Struggling with ADHD Symptoms

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Produce about the significance of reflex integration? These diminutive actions that each and every of us makes when we’re infants lay the inspiration for boost into functioning adults. Sadly many children now are missing out on these forms of actions and the outcomes are ADHD-fancy behaviors.

Nonetheless the effective news is these actions could well additionally be reintroduced at anytime, even for adults! Sonia Story is an knowledgeable in these actions and shares with me how key they are in trend and getting our children unstuck.

In this video Sonia shares:
-The three keys fogeys settle on to know about
– -Rhythmic movement
– -Innate reflex movement
– -Sensory processing
– And some red flags fogeys can stare for

Sonia’s web command online: /
Crimson flags of unintegrated reflexes: /
Case studies: /

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