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Has your ADHD meds made a difference in your life? Listen as Eric and his guest, Jordan Marsh, discuss this and much more in this episode of ADHD reWired. Jordan is a semi self-employed professional tattoo artist and single parent. He was diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago and is just now learning how profoundly his ADHD has affected his life and relationships and is possibly the reason he started doing tattoos as opposed to a more conventional career.

Jordan shares the reason he started doing tattoos, why he enjoys giving and getting them, and the connection for him between pain and expression. He gives his opinion on what people don’t understand about tattoos and the challenges he faces with being a single dad and his work schedule. Jordan chats about raising a child who has ADHD, how he reels himself in when his son is disrespectful, and how his meds have helped him in both work and his life at home with his son.

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo? Jordan talks about some tattoos he wishes he didn’t have and why he got them. Take notes as he explains some ways to remove them and why colors sometimes don’t look the same when you use them to cover up specific colors of tattoos.

Listen as Jordan discusses how ADHD affected his past relationships, what he has learned about himself and relationships, and what he will look for in his next relationship. Jordan also describes his seasonal depression and the final thoughts he wants to share with the listeners. You won’t want to miss Eric’s conversation with this fascinating man with a highly misunderstood career.

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You’ll learn:

[02: 31] Jordan, welcome to the show! [03: 41] Jordan shares why he started in the tattoo field. [05: 20] Why do you think tattoos are your passion? [07: 32] Jordan explains the connection for him between pain and expression. [08: 56] What do you think people don’t understand about tattoos? [10: 45] Jordan speaks about the tattoo on his face, why he got it there. [13: 36] Jordan discusses being a single father and the challenges with his schedule. [15: 08] Jordan shares what it’s like being ADHD and raising an ADHD child. [16: 24] What do you think helps you reel yourself back in when he’s disrespectful? [23: 32] Jordan explains why he said that his job is the most terrible, perfect job. [26: 44] Jordan shares how being diagnosed with ADHD and taking the meds have affected his work. [28: 50] Have you ever made a mistake when doing a tattoo? Can you tell us about it? [32: 45] Jordan chats about constantly diagnosing his clients mentally with ADHD. [33: 41] Do you have any tattoos you regret getting? Can you tell us why? [38: 59] Jordan discusses how in hindsight he can see how ADHD affected his past relationships. [41: 56] They talk about his son’s mother and the relationship he had with her before being diagnosed with ADHD. [43: 17] Jordan shares what pushed him to seek a diagnosis. [44: 02] Jordan speaks about his last relationship and how it was affected by his ADHD. [45: 42] What have you learned about yourself as a result of going through relationships now that you have ADHD? [47: 55] Jordan chats about not wanting to disappoint people and feeling like he was never enough. [49: 36] Jordan shares what he will watch for and look for in his next relationship and the whiteboard on which he writes everything he needs to remember. [51: 52] Do you have any final thoughts for your listeners? [52: 54] Jordan, thank you so much for sharing your story! [53: 47] If you’re a regular listener, consider becoming a patron and on our Patreon at www.ADHDreWired.com Find Jordan:

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