420 | Leading with ADHD – with Sherri Cannon

Better Brain, Better Game!

In this episode, Eric is joined by Sherri, a CEO/executive coach and facilitator who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 40.

Her mission is to equip ADHD leaders to lead by example, making every workplace more friendly for all brains. She has developed programs and led teams in leadership for various organizations all over the globe. Sherri was a Procter & Gamble sales rep. to Southern California district sales manager.

Eric and Sherri discuss self-acceptance and imposter syndrome and their journey to leadership training. You’ll hear about the executive-functioning drain of meetings, Sherri’s suggestions on running better “meetings”, and the importance of fun and communication. It’s all about identifying your needs and challenges, then coming up a set of processes that will allow you to accomplish the things you want to do.

Sherri is available for help:

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Sherri Cannon Questions & Topics in this Episode:

How did Sherri transition from selling soap to becoming a coach leader? How important is self-awareness? What did Sherri’s ADHD diagnosis have on her work life? What brought Sherri back to coaching executives after the tech boom? How does it feel to become more self-aware? What are the most common problems that leaders face when working with ADHD leaders? What are the most common struggles? How can we ensure that everyone is going with “Yes!” when working in teams? This is what we all agreed upon!” How can leaders be more self-aware? What is the value of feedback? Are there any 5-minute meetings? How important is experimentation in leadership? Resources & Honorable Mentions
Book: Where the Action is: The Meetings that Make or Break Your Organization by Susan Jeffers. Book: The Five Dysfunctions in a Team: A Leadership Fable. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers. “There’s so many gold laying around for us all the time, as neurodiverse people!” – Sherri

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