438 | ADHD Money Talk with David DeWitt


In this episode, Eric is joined by David DeWitt, a registered investment advisor and podcaster who helps adults with ADHD take back control of their money! Although he’s been a registered advisor for six years, it wasn’t until his ADHD awakening in 2021 when he realized that he wanted to help others with ADHD.

David has learned from personal experience that managing your personal finances when you have ADHD can be difficult, even if you’re a professional. He was diagnosed with ADHD and set out to create a financial planning system that worked for ADHD brains. He first tested it on himself. Now, he’s on a mission of helping as many ADHDers as possible!

Eric and David discuss the shame that we feel about our finances and why people contact David to talk to him. They also address where to start when planning for the future. Eric and David then discuss how to use our values to guide financial planning, how we can get past mental clutter when it comes to our finances, as well as ways to be consistent in financial management.

There will also be strategies to tackle debt against spending, reasons why “budget”, “dirty” word, importance of paying taxes on time, as well as a glimpse into investing.

Contact David:

Website: ADHD Money Talk Instagram account: @adhdmoneytalk David DeWitt’s Linktr.ee
What does David think about financial planning? How important is it to find our values and put them behind our finances? David helps people get out from under debt. What does it mean for you to place your money where your values are? What can you do to start saving money when you are in debt? How do you address your money situation? What’s the difference between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA? How can you invest? How can we keep our finances in order? You can also check out other podcasts from the ADHD reWired Podcast Network

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