452 | Overcoming Burnout with David Greenwood

Returning to the podcast is David Greenwood, the author of Overcoming Burnout: Staunch Existence Solutions for Burnout, Recovery, and Prevention. He is also the author of Overcoming Distraction: Thriving with Adult ADHD and hosts the ADHD podcast known as “Overcoming Distractions.”

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Hear David Greenwood previously on ADHD reWired on episode #165 – Overcoming Distraction with David Greenwood Hear Eric as a customer on David’s podcast: How does Accountability Wait on These with ADHD? | on Overcoming Distractions with David Greenwood Questions/Subject matters Answered on this Episode:

[00: 05: 44] What made David prefer to jot down about burnout? [00: 07: 45] What is burnout? What are the symptoms/total indicators of burnout? [00: 09: 26] What is the line distinguishing between despair and burnout? [00: 10: 45] Alleviating stress will not be the the same thing as alleviating the stressor. What’s the distinction? [00: 13: 40] “Burnout restoration starts with the physique.” [00: 20: 28] How can we know if we’re in a period of stress vs. staunch burnout that wishes to be addressed? [00: 24: 04] What else can we create, as opposed to snort, to abet with burnout? [00: 36: 17] Recap of the 6 issues to create must you commence to behold you’re headed to burnout. [00: 37: 48] One other technique to abet with burnout is… [00: 40: 03] How create medications/alcohol affect burnout? 6 issues to create must you commence to behold you’re headed to burnout:

Focus on with someone you belief. Hit the gymnasium / create something physical & snort Sit aloof. Strive for 30 minutes to originate. Book a weekend away. Arrange your time. Test your “no” and narrate no to a minimum of 1 thing. Sources & Excellent Mentions:

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Book: Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Bonus Mentions:

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