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This week, Eric is joined by Dr. Diana Mercado-Marmarosh, also is called Dr. D, a family-medication doctor, sanatorium clinical director, and chief clinical officer. Dr. D is also the founder of OverAchieve Life Educating. Sooner than discovering teaching, Diana on the whole had 200 charts delivery and a “graveyard” of unfinished projects.

Now, she’s on a mission to empower healthcare professionals to make a decision on up uncomplicated programs that crimson meat up their zone-of-genius and reclaim their freedom of time as her customers learn to recede work at work. She is happily married with two teens and enjoys race, painting, Zumba, yoga nidra meditation, and exploring different cultures!

On this episode, you’ll hear Eric and Dr. Diana talk about her struggles thru clinical college, the pressures she skilled, and what resulted in her ADHD diagnosis. Then, you’ll hear discussions on the importance of self-care, how we can imply for ourselves and the arrangement we be in contact, and striking ourselves first.

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Other Questions/Issues Answered on this Episode:

[00: 03: 59] “You would prefer to end striking your customers and patients first!” What does Dr. Diana imply? [00: 05: 14] Dr. Diana talks about living in self-neglect. [00: 09: 00] Eric and Dr. Diana discuss the statistics of lifestyles-expectancy for these of us with ADHD. [00: 10: 08] Dr. Diana shares her ADHD memoir. [00: 11: 59] How did Dr. Diana opt up thru clinical college earlier than her ADHD diagnosis? [00: 14: 37] Dr. Diana shares the catalyst that resulted in her diagnosis and the arrangement her cultural background and upbringing implanted the suggestions to “stunning work exhausting” and “invent no topic it takes.” [00: 22: 16] Dr. Diana shares extra referring to the tension of being the first person in her family to pursue additional training. [00: 23.29] How does Dr. Diana topic up her atmosphere for essentially the most success? What has teaching taught her? [00: 26.19] How does Dr. Diana be in contact with her patients? [00: 28: 12] Eric and Dr. Diana discuss their thoughts about ADHD as a gift. [00: 31: 50] Eric and Dr. Diana talk about boundaries and the arrangement she has conversations around her obtain boundaries. [00: 35: 36] “Boundaries from a topic of love and a topic of compassion.” [00: 39: 35] “How will we leave work at work?” [00: 45: 12] What does Dr. Diana imply patients instruct to their clinical doctors if they encounter a doctor that doesn’t mediate in ADHD, believes that ADHD is something that’s ‘grown-out-of’, and so forth.? [00: 48: 31] Dr. Diana shares her definition of success and shares some phrases of wisdom for listeners. Test out the Other Podcasts on the ADHD reWired Podcast Network:

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