467 | To Leverage Our Strengths & Occupy Our Challenges with Marina Piscolish

Marina Piscolish joins Eric on the podcast this week to focus on about leveraging strengths and owning the challenges. Marina is the president and founding father of Mapping Substitute LLC, a small consulting industrial born of her passion for harnessing the transformative energy of battle to carry out definite adjustments for folks, groups, and organizations.

Being born in rural Pennsylvania as a coal-miner’s daughter and a grandchild of immigrants offered excellent preparation for her work, particularly in Hawaii and the broader pacific. As she continues developing systems of working with tradition, identities, sense-of-train, ancient past, and trauma, her early fight alongside with her private undiagnosed ADHD used to be a defining affect on her occupation and existence.

Now, Marina focuses on making ingenious accommodations for her ‘limitations’ and leverages her neurodivergence as an asset for her industrial, her potentialities, and the of us shut to her.

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Web pages: Mappingchange.com Electronic mail: [email protected] Other Questions/Issues Answered on this Episode:

[00:03:16] Marina shares her memoir about how she found ADHD reWired, her abilities in the coaching groups, and her existence growing up in a small town with a gigantic family, all with an identical challenges. [00:05:36] “Emotional distress is the distance between […] your expectations [and] actuality.” [00:07:59] Marina talks about the plot up of disgrace and being unwilling to piece or score reduction. [00:09:22] A relatable moment of weigh down and heading off the ‘distress of success.’ [00:11:29] What’s the variation between acceptance and embracing ADHD? [00:14:39] “That would possibly maybe maybe well be factual, and I’m worried that would possibly maybe maybe well be factual, nonetheless what invent I invent about where I’m?” [00:22:15] Eric and Marina like a discussion about “administrivia.” [00:23:19] Marina shares how she grew to turn into strange about her ADHD and exploring how neurodivergence is the clarification for her success. [00:26:01] Joy thru acceptance and looking out for reduction and assistance. [00:26:26] Eric asks Marina about what she communicated when going thru the course of of hiring an assistant. [00:30:59] Maria affords an insight that used to be shared alongside with her. [00:41:15] A discussion about hiring and shopping and selling companies in the course of the pandemic. [00:48:04] What are a pair of tips/pointers/strategies Marina has for folks with ADHD who usually are inclined to be battle-avoidant? [00:52:46] Marina leaves us alongside with her finest thoughts… Resources & Marvelous Mentions:

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