ADHD Aha! | ADHD and hormones (Catie’s account)

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Catie Osborn’s ADHD flew below the radar until she had to fetch an ovary eliminated in her slack 20s. Left with one ovary ( “Han Solo-fluctuate”), she experienced a hormone shift that made her ADHD signs powerful extra noticeable.

Catie is a light “talented kid” who excelled in college. Rising up, she didn’t fit ADHD stereotypes, as an alternative of for being somewhat messy. As soon as she become once identified, she started seeing ADHD flags all over. Hear what she’s discovered from her expertise and her work, like how hormones — especially in of us that fetch classes — can affect ADHD signs.

Catie, aka catieosaurus on TikTok, is a licensed intercourse educator, neurodivergency specialist, and co-host of the podcast “Catie and Erik’s Limitless Quest: An ADHD Adventure.”

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