ADHD Aha! | ADHD and mental effectively being in the Gloomy neighborhood (John’s tale)

John Hazelwood used to be identified with ADHD rapidly after he graduated from college. He used to be in therapy and had effort with take a look at terror. Music used to be the fully thing that helped him leer and in actual fact take note what he learn. Then he got uncommon about ADHD medication and talked about it on the side of his physician, who recommended an ADHD evaluate.

John, a mechanical engineer in Virginia, co-founded the Males’s ADHD Improve Neighborhood, an organization geared in direction of helping men with ADHD gather neighborhood and acceptance. John talks about facing stigma round ADHD and mental effectively being in the Gloomy neighborhood, what songs sound adore ADHD, and a long way more.

Inspect the Males’s ADHD Improve Neighborhood right here: /

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