ADHD Aha! | ADHD, daydreaming and disgrace (Dr. Kojo’s story)

Better Brain, Better Game!

Dr. Kojo Sarfo played lifestyles on fascinating mode with his ADHD before getting diagnosed as an adult. ADHD treatment helped Dr. Kojo address his daydreaming and procrastination. However he wished to compose extra. As of late, he connects with tens of millions of followers on TikTok and other social media, combating the disgrace round ADHD and psychological health and having conversations that like of us up.

Dr. Kojo had an unexpected ADHD “aha” moment: as he used to be staring at an Atlanta Braves baseball game and participant Adam LaRoche made an error on a routine ground ball. Join a heartfelt conversation between host Laura Key and Dr. Kojo as they unearth how daydreaming is brainstorming in conceal — and why hunting for treatment is the boulevard to self-compassion.

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