ADHD Aha! | ADHD, irritability, and friendship (Jake’s memoir)

Better Brain, Better Game!

Jake Lambert watched his mom thrive once she became once identified with ADHD and getting ADHD treatment. That pushed him to evaluate about solutions about his possess struggles to hear. He puzzled why he became once so dejected, why he had distress managing emotions, and why he struggled to buy guests. He figured they had been factual “infamous” traits of his — nonetheless in spite of all the pieces, it became once ADHD.

Rising up, Jake did effectively enough in college that no one caught his ADHD indicators. He’d have to re-read a page three cases because he’d to find distracted. And he constantly procrastinated on homework assignments. Jake and host Laura Key additionally focus on how ADHD can assemble you might well perchance presumably even be feeling “crackly,” and coping solutions that abet them.

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