ADHD Aha! | ADHD, loving intensely, and impulsivity (Ange’s fable)

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Ange Nolan as soon as suspected she had ADHD, but she used to be brushed aside by her doctor. Years later, she saw an ADHD iceberg infographic and linked to almost every ADHD symptom it listed — including forgetting to make exhaust of the lavatory. That’s when she decided it used to be time to potential a diversified doctor about ADHD.

After getting diagnosed with ADHD final year, Ange realized the blueprint in which it had been affecting her many romantic relationships. She’d crave the chaos of an intense connection and switch out to be a “chameleon” who fixated on her accomplice’s interests and happiness — until burning out.

Hear how Ange’s ADHD prognosis helped her mark her maintain patterns, including hopping impulsively from one profession to 1 other. And dwell tuned for a mini “aha” moment from host Laura Key on why she likes to be by myself so worthy.

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