ADHD Aha! | Preserving ADHD symptoms to circulation above and past (René Brooks’ myth)

René Brooks used to be diagnosed with ADHD three separate times — at ages 7, 11, and 25 — so she’s had loads of “aha” moments.

When René used to be a baby, mental health and medicine stigma kept her family from receiving wanted education about ADHD. But when she used to be diagnosed at age 25, she used to be willing to expose every person about her ADHD diagnosis.

René started Sad Girl Misplaced Keys to empower Sad females with ADHD. She’s an recommend, a dispute creator, and the host of the “Lifestyles With Misplaced Keys” podcast.

In this week’s episode of “ADHD Aha!,” René unpacks her childhood ADHD diagnoses. She shares how she’d conceal her ADHD symptoms, and the scheme that ended in apprehension and despair in adulthood. Additionally on this episode: Is ADHD undoubtedly a superpower?

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