ADHD Aha! | When “ditzy” is at final diagnosed as ADHD (Jen’s story)

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After losing her mom at 23 and having children starting at 27, creator Jen Barton, now 39 with four children, became in a odd location. For the important thing time in a very lengthy time, she wasn’t feeling overly anxious or heart-broken. She felt ingenious and became bonding alongside with her children. But peaceful, one thing “wasn’t real.” She started taking a peep under every rock for an acknowledge to her disorganization, “ditziness,” and chaos. What she found…became ADHD.

Hear from Jen, who wrote the “British Vogue” article “Why Does No One Imagine My ADHD Prognosis?” She talks about ADHD in ladies, parenting with ADHD, and the scheme in which her standpoint has changed now that she’s been diagnosed with ADHD.

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