ADHD and Addiction

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ADHD and Addiction
ADHD reWired episode 151

Dr. David Teplin, a Toronto-based adult clinical psychologist, has a private practice. His main focus is on adult ADHD and substance abuse disorders. David is also part the Canadian Psychological Association’s task force, which examines psychological issues that could arise from legalizing marijuana in Canada.

David will be discussing ADHD and addiction in this conversation. David gives some statistics about ADHD and substance abuse disorders. Because there are common factors, there is overlap. ADHD symptoms can be mimicked by all substances.

This discussion is a good portion on marijuana as both recreational and medicinal use are legalized in many countries. David is both a citizen as well as a physician who speaks to this topic. David talks about why people with ADHD might be drawn to marijuana, and lists the pitfalls associated with marijuana use for those with ADHD. He also discusses treatment later in the episode.

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