ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation: What You Need to Know

Emotions and emotional dysregulation are something you don’t usually read about when learning about ADHD – and there’s a reason why!


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Barkley, B. A. (2015) Emotion Dysregulation can be a Core Component in ADHD. In R. A. Barkley (Eds. Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment (4th edition). New York, NY, US: Guilford Press.

ADHD and Anger
Mindfulness can help you make better decisions.
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Explains how cognitive behavior therapy can help:
Explains how cognitive behavior therapy can help:

Emotional dysregulation, ADHD and

Article on ADHD and ODD:

Lecture by Dr. Barkley about emotional regulation
How mindfulness can improve emotional regulation
Why mindfulness meditation is so important for us to be mindful:

Easy app to practice mindfulness meditation:

Link to an article review on emotional dysregulation:

How mindfulness meditation improves emotion regulation and decreases substance abuse: 4

ADHD or bipolar?

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