ADHD Awareness Month 2021: What it’s REALLY Like Being a Successful ADHDer Virtual Panel


What REALLY goes on behind the scenes for successful ADHDers? You can see their chaotic reality and learn from them the life hacks that help them grow.

This panel of ADHD experts and influencers answers BEHIND-THE SCENES questions about ADHD success:

David Pomeroy MD: Founder of ADD Center of Bellevue, Targeting ADHD LLC, and Podcast Host of ADHD Focus –
Eric Tivers, LCSW, Podcast Host for ADHD reWired. ADHD Coach – /
Lynne Edris ACG: Productivity and ADHD Coach, Podcast Host of ADHD Support Talk /
Ryan Mayer, MBA: ADHD Coach & Tiktok Influencer /
Britney Brown: Entrepreneur Tiktok Influencer ADHD Parent of 5 /
Aron Croft MS: ADHD Coach and Tiktok Influencer /

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Aron Croft, Aaron Croft, Hidden ADD, Hidden ADHD, Atypical Coach, neurodivergent, neurodiversity

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