ADHD Diagnosis with QbTest Old skool 50 – Bill’s Story

Bill is a successful entrepreneur who knew instinctively that he sees the field in one more plan from others. Following his daughter’s ADHD diagnosis, Bill took it upon himself to score assessed for ADHD at age 50 by Dr. Brannon and the crew at Greenville ADHD Specialists. Along with utilizing veteran measures comparable to rating scales and clinical interviews, Dr. Brannon combines that recordsdata with the data peaceable from QbTest for an plan discover of Bill’s signs.

Collect out Bill’s suggestions on taking the QbTest and QbCheck and the plan in which it has helped him invent a nearer insight into his ADHD signs and supported his therapy discover-up.

0: 00 Bill’s initial concerns about ADHD
01: 28 Bill decides to score assessed for ADHD
01: 47 Taking a QbTest
02: 21 Bill’s expertise of therapy

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