ADHD is my trouble, not my weakness | Kemal Tuna Payasli | TEDxYouth@ASKosovo

Better Brain, Better Game!

In his speech, Kemal Tuna Payasli strives to inspire other ADHD patients and show them that they are gifted individuals. Kemal Tuna Payasli also wants to spread awareness about ADHD and educate non-ADHD people on the challenges ADHD patients face and the ways they can help. His speech covers his life, ADHD stories, and possible actions.
Kemal Tuna Payasli, a senior at ASK, has suffered from ADHD for many years. After many years of struggle as an ADHD patient, he finally found a way to succeed in his academic career and has been accepted at some of the top universities in his country. This talk was delivered at a TEDx event that used the TED conference format, but was organized independently by a local community. Find out more at x

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