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In this video, Cathy covers medications for ADHD and Conduct Disorder (central nervous system stimulants), alcohol abstinence, opioid dependence, and smoking cessation.

Cathy Parkes BSN. RN, CWCN. PHN. ADHD & Substance Abuse medication. This video tutorial series on Pharmacology – Nervous System is designed to assist RN and PN nurses in studying for their nursing school exams. It includes the ATI, HESI, and NCLEX.

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0: 00 What to Expect
0: 26 NS Stimulants
1: 12 Mode of Action
1: 31 Side effects
1: 41 Warning
1: 53 Administration
2: 08 What to Monitor
2: 21 Alcohol Abuse Maintenance Medication
3: 08 Mode of Action Disulfiram
3: 25 Mode of Action Naltrexone
3: 33 Modus of Action Acamprosate
3: 40 Memory Trick
3: 58 Opiod Dependant Maintenance Medications
4: 22 Mode of Action
4: 33 Side effects
4: 51 Warning
5: 05 Antidote-Narcan
5: 12 Nursing care/Patient Teaching
5: 33 Nicotine Adgonist
5: 44 Modus of Action
5: 53 Memory Trick
6: 07 Side Effects
6: 18 Black Box Warning
6: 24 Nursing Care
7: 01 What’s Next?

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