ADHD Symptoms and ADHD Treatment without Medication

Greg Baer M.D. teaches you an ADHD treatment that is successful without medication.
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In this video you will learn:
1. The REAL reason your child has symptoms of ADHD (and it’s not what you think).
2. Why you just can’t seem to manage the behavior of this kid, no matter what you do.
3. What you can do to ELIMINATE—not just manage—the list of symptoms that are disturbing your child and you. Really.
4. How you can replace the tension and conflict in your child with genuine peace and happiness.

Video Timestamps:
1: 09 There IS a solution: How to help a child with ADHD and attention deficit disorder symptoms–without medication.
3: 02 Your child seems to have the symptoms of ADHD–or has already been diagnosed–and you want to do something about it.
4: 54 What you will learn that you don’t already know.
7: 03 Loving your children unconditionally.
7: 58 The real effect of anger and disappointment.
10: 39 ADHD symptoms are a reaction to not being loved unconditionally.
11: 46 Children and teenagers who are loved unconditionally don’t act like they have ADHD.
12: 26 Why you’re not succeeding in helping your children with their “ADHD”.
13: 37 Your children can learn to be happy.
14: 51 Loving and Teaching eliminates ADHD symptoms in children.
15: 35 Transforming, not managing your children.

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