ADHD Symptoms & Behaviors in Adults , ADHD in Adults Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms include impulsivity, hyperactivity, inattention and anger problems in adults. Primary Care Provider (PCP) Brendan Montano, M.D. describes common signs of Adult ADHD in patients by presenting three common scenarios that often lead to diagnosis, including: self-referred patients, patients that present their life in chaos and/or those experiencing comorbidities (anxiety disorders, depression and substance abuse) as they may be masking and emerging from ADHD.

ADHD symptoms are often realized in adults after being identified in a child. Such was the case for Eva O’Malley, the founder of Monmouth Ocean CHADD, who became aware of her own ADHD after her son was diagnosed. Eva speaks about indicators such as problems with her memory, her inability to retain information from verbal sources and her history of interrupting others.

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may also impact performance at work and strain personal relationships. Marriage problems and job loss are not uncommon for adults with untreated ADHD. Doctor Montano encourages primary care providers to dig deeper when a patient presents their life as hectic or chaotic as these issues may be derived from behaviors associated with attention deficit disorder. Please visit the link above to learn more about recognizing and treating adult attention deficit disorder.

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