ADHD Vs Bipolar Disorder – How To Tell The Difference

With ADHD and bipolar disorder you can have trouble thinking, be hyperactive, feel disorganized etc. That’s how the symptoms overlap. This video I discussed how these two disorders can be distinguished from each other. I discuss how they differ in energy levels, speech, mood, impulsivity, sleep, onset and medication response.

I have other videos where I define this disorders, so in this video I jump straight to the comparison between the two.

Here’s a video where I define a manic episode A
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Disclaimer: All of the information on this channel is for educational purposes and not intended to be specific/personal medical advice from me to you. Watching the videos or getting answers to comments/question, does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. If you have your own doctor, these videos can help prepare you for your discussion with your doctor.

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