Are you an adult with ADHD? Here Are 9 Hidden Signs

Here are 9 hidden signs you may have the inattentive type of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Adult ADHD is more common than most people realize. Are you a victim of adult ADHD? According to Dr. Judy Ho, a triple-board-certified neuropsychologist, here are 9 signs that you might have adult ADHD.

00: 00 Intro
00: 20 1. Carelessness & no attention to detail
00: 56 2. Difficulty in sustaining attention
01: 43 3. Doesn’t seem like
is listening?02: 44 4. No follow-through on tasks/instructions
04: 45 5. Poor organization
05: 28 6. Uses mental effort to avoid tasks
06: 40 7. You lose things that are essential for activities
07: 54 8. Distracted easily by unrelated thoughts
10: 18 9. Don’t forget about your daily activities
11: 23 Final thoughts
12: 34 Where to watch more

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