Attention, or you’ll pay billions: The cost of ADHD in Australia. | Jennifer Haig | TEDxQUT


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often considered a pretty trivial diagnosis. Everyone has difficulty concentrating from time to time.

What about the financial impact of ADHD? What does ADHD do to our schools, hospitals, and justice system?

Is that a price we are willing to continue paying?

Unlock your A-Game!

Jennifer Haig gives a crash course on ADHD and the cost to Australians every year.
Jennifer Haig, a QUT graduate, has studied Media & Communication and Marketing, Creative Writing and Education & Developmental psychology. She is a published writer and researcher. She is a passionate “life-long learner” and can often be found reading Wikipedia articles or digging into obscure videos essays. She is also among the 2.5% of Australian adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This talk was delivered at a TEDx event that used the TED conference format, but was independently organized by a local community. Find out more at x

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