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Do antidepressants shrink your brain? No, but depression does. This question was based on a comment from a viewer. It’s quite common for people believe this. In reality, major depression is a disease that causes brain cell death. Antidepressants can protect you against this brain cell loss. Here is the origin of the term “pseudodementia.” It can have profound effects on memory, and this is a cumulative effect. It is more common to have episodes over and over again, or for episodes that last for a long period of time without any treatment.


You’ll see a lot of stress in these studies when discussing depression. These studies don’t stress about having to do too much or having a busy schedule. They are talking about stress hormones, glucocorticoids like cortisol. These hormones are responsible for the cellular changes that lead to depression.

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The protein that is involved in neuronal loss
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How antidepressants protect against cell death
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Antidepressants increase BDNF
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Cannabis news

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Cannabis News

There are a variety of websites to search for cannabis news if you’re looking. Newsfile is one of the places you can look for the most up-to-date news. You can also use Newsfile to find older stories about cannabis. These stories can span as far as two years. Cannabis is becoming a wildly popular industry, and more news releases are being published every day.

Cannabis News

The cannabis industry is a multi-billion-dollar business that will continue to expand as more states legalize it. Five states have already decided to vote on legalization during the November 2020 election. A sixth state could follow, based on a ruling by a court. The state of Arizona is currently deciding whether or not to implement an adult-use cannabis program. Proponents collected 420,000 signatures, and won a court case to ensure the right to put a referendum on the ballot. By 2021, it is believed that the legal cannabis industry will generate about $750 million in annual revenue.

Oversupply is causing cannabis prices to fall. Growers are working to clear their inventory before the next harvesting season which will begin in November and October. The ongoing strike by workers has also led to the closing of nearly fifty retail stores and 500 jobs in British Columbia. The union members first began walking off the job on August 15, picketing the provincial liquor distribution centers.

what’s new on cannabis

It is possible to start cannabis cafes in California. Cannabis cafes are much simpler to establish than other businesses in the marijuana industry but they’re not without challenges. Cannabis cafes aren’t cultivation facilities, and they must adhere to specific advertising guidelines. The state government is currently negotiating the legalization of cannabis cafes.

While there are a number of recent developments, marijuana legalization is still illegal in the majority of states, even though it is becoming more widely used. In the US, recreational marijuana is legal in 18 states as well as Washington, D.C. Even though it is still illegal in a number of states, it isn’t considered to be a crime. In the time, 17 states and District of Columbia have legalized marijuana use for medical purposes. Three states do not have a public access program.

Cannabis news

In the US, marijuana has recently gained legal status in a few states. In 2012, medical marijuana was legal in 18 states including Colorado and Washington. Uruguay passed a law which established a supply system through pharmacies and social clubs. Since then, more states have legalized marijuana, and have recognized the advantages.

In Manitoba, Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. which is a publicly traded cannabis company, has begun trading on the OTCQX under the symbol VRNDF. It has been upgraded from OTCQX Best Market status. The executive team of Delta 9 recently expressed their sorrow over the death of Brent Bottomley, its co-founder. Delta 9’s operations now take place in the northern Winnipeg’s downtown Thompson and in southern Winnipeg.

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