Cannabis News – What’s New in the Cannabis Industry?


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Cannabis news

Cannabis News – What’s New in the Cannabis Industry?

If you are an avid cannabis user and want to stay up-to-date with the latest news about cannabis. This article will help you understand what is new in the cannabis industry. There’s also an update on the legalization process. Cannabis news is an essential part of the marijuana industry because it’s not just an opportunity to advertise the plant and educate people about its many advantages.

Cannabis News

You’re in the right place if you want to keep up to date with the latest cannabis news. There are details about new laws, public meetings and events in your area. You can subscribe to a news service that is solely focused on cannabis. Subscribers are able to participate in conference calls with reporters and other content that is restricted to subscribers.

A new California bill will protect workers from getting in trouble with their employers due to smoking marijuana while on the job. This is an important step since it will make California the seventh state to ban employers from scolding employees for smoking marijuana on the job. This bill is part of a nationwide trend toward more open policy regarding marijuana. Despite the recent passage of a number of legalization laws, employers aren’t always comfortable hiring cannabis users.

The United States’ cannabis industry will expand rapidly as more states legalize cannabis and new markets begin to open. Five states have already announced that they will be voting on the issue in the November 2020 elections. A recent lawsuit could result in the sixth state making an announcement. In Arizona, the question of whether or not the state’s medical marijuana law will be on the ballot will be left to the voters of the state of Arizona. In the past there were only two states that had legalized medical marijuana as well as adult cannabis use simultaneously.

What’s new in cannabis?

California is in the process of preparing for recreational cannabis sales. In 2016 the ballot question to legalize marijuana was voted down. The Cannabis Control Commission began discussing the possibility of social consumption websites. However, the rollout was put on hold because certain members of the state’s administration feared it could be too ambitious.

As of July 2018 the 18 US states and Washington, D.C. had legalized medical marijuana. Washington and Colorado also allowed recreational marijuana use. Uruguay also passed legislation to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. The legislation that legalizes cannabis sales is being reviewed by states and the District of Columbia.

Cannabis updates

In the last few months there have been number of important announcements concerning the legalization of cannabis. The Dutch government has removed cannabis from its narcotics list, while the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that 193 Americans died as a result of cannabis use in the year 2015. In addition, the Tel Aviv-based cannabis firm Cannbit has been researching ways to treat cancer using cannabis-based products.

Cannabis news can be found on many media websites. High Times has published several pieces on marijuana. Their magazine is focused on the cannabis industry, its consumers, and medical marijuana providers. Another excellent resource is the Canna law blog, which provides details on the legal aspects of cannabis. It features interviews with businesspeople who are involved in the legal cannabis industry.

Recent developments include the legalization of marijuana in Washington. The first dispensaries are scheduled to start operating in the spring of 2023. The Cannabis Control Board also passed regulations that make it easier to monitor THC levels and be able to report them. In addition, dispensaries will be required to verify IDs prior selling cannabis to people under 21. They must also have child-safe packaging for their products.

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