Childhood ADHD & Adult ADHD indicators and prognosis | DSM 5 Sequence

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This video is ready ADHD, in step with the DSM-5 and up to the moment compare. Or no longer it’s supply is intended for clinicians, clinicians-in-coaching, and anyone else who’s enthusiastic or effected. If there might perchance be the relaxation that you simply label no longer brand in regards to the terminology/language, like questions about, or would salvage to search a video about (e.g., How is ADHD assessed? What are some some coping/administration tools for ADHD? What are the advantages/strengths of getting ADHD?), please observation below.

Bag you been diagnosed with ADHD or know somebody who has? Bag you or somebody you realize no longer been diagnosed, but suspect that that you simply can need be evaluated? Style you adore somebody with ADHD? How is that experience for you?

0: 00 Hi
0: 11 Diagnostic Criteria
0: 43 Predominantly Inattentive Style
1: 24 Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive Style
2: 17 How it’s coded
2: 56 Incidence
3: 12 ADHD meds
3: 39 ADHD treatment for youths without meds (or at the side of them)
3: 56 ADHD treatment for adults without meds (or at the side of them)
4: 07 Challenges with prognosis (differential prognosis)
4: 24 Adult ADHD indicators
5: 12 Over and over occurring comorbid complications and dangers
6: 40 Take care

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