COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS THAT INCREASE ANXIETY & DEPRESSION mental filtering & discounting the positive

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TWO COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS THAT CAN GREATLY WORSEN ANXIETY & DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS – MENTAL FILTERING & DISCOUNTING (DISQUALIFYING) THE POSITIVE / COGNITIVE DISTORTION PSYCHOLOGY AND HOW TO REFRAME NEGATIVE THINKING: Cognitive distortions are negative thought patterns that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately. These thoughts can lead to a negative outlook on life and depressive or anxious moods. Today’s video focuses on two cognitive distortions: “mental filtering” or “disqualifying, (or discounting), the positive”. It provides specific examples that illustrate this thought process and offers strategies for changing these negative thoughts. We can change our thinking and change our lives. It is my hope that you find it helpful and healing.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is all about challenging and changing cognitive distortions. This video explains how CBT can be used as self-therapy.
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Nena Lavonne, a certified life coach and author, is also a motivational speaker and author with a background of personality and developmental psychology. She specializes in self-development. It brings her joy more than helping others live more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful lives. Nena has a weekly podcast, “Pathways to Happiness”, which can be accessed on many platforms.

A licensed mental health professional can offer additional guidance, support, treatment options and coping strategies if you feel your mental health is in danger. This channel is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. This channel does not substitute for therapy. Positive change is possible, please remember!

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