Differences Between Kids & Adults With ADHD (Featuring Dana Kay)

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🙌I’m furious to inch LIVE this Monday with Dana Kay who’s a board-licensed holistic properly being and weight-reduction design practitioner, two times Global very best promoting writer, and the CEO and founding father of the ADHD Thrive Institute. She specializes on helping young folk with ADHD thru pure components.

We would be discussing in regards to the different signs and coverings between young folk with ADHD and Adults with ADHD. We can also exhaust a while answering your ADHD questions you might per chance per chance perchance seemingly also just contain for us Dwell! So Join us this Monday, March sixth at 5pm PST, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm EST!

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Howdy my title is Dr. Dallin LeGrand Peterson but my sufferers upright name me Dr. LeGrand and I no doubt contain ADHD and Dyslexia. Rising up with ADHD and Dyslexia used to be for sure a bother for me within the academic world. Nevertheless along the kind I realized loads about easy programs to use my ADHD as a SUPERPOWER! I work with somewhat loads of adults with ADHD and folk that contain young folk with ADHD.

This Channel is designated to assist adults and these that contain young folk with ADHD, dismay and despair. I half my programs that I no doubt contain realized for myself to assemble thru clinical college successfully and the programs I no doubt contain traditional to assist my sufferers to reach optimal solutions efficiency.

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