Don’t Miss Out on THIS! International Conference on ADHD

Better Brain, Better Game!

What is it?:​ The 2020 International Conference on ADHD
When is it?​ November 5-7, 2020

Registration Link:

Where is it? ​Online; can also find posts on social media using the hashtag #ADHDCon2020
Who is it for​? Everyone interested in ADHD — teachers, educators, coaches, partners, parents, mental health professionals, medical providers, and ADHDers themselves!
Who’s behind it​? It’s put on by 3 organizations: CHADD ​ , ADDA , and the ACO ​ /
How to register: ​go to ​ and click “register now”
Why people should come​: (optional talking points — share what works for you!)
● It’s international — meet other ADHDers from around the world
● It’s virtual! This is the FIRST TIME we’re doing this conference online, no pants required
● It’s affordable: this year is cheaper, & no need for plane tickets or a hotel room
● You can bring a friend — up to 3 guests at a discounted rate!
● Tons of ADHD experts are presenting
● Live Q&A for every panel
● There’s content for everyone interested in ADHD, including all age groups
● Topics include: medication, coaching, social skills, behavioral strategies, relationship
strategies, productivity tools (including apps!), the latest research on ADHD, & more!
● Lots of cool events, including a talent show & find a coach through speed dating!
● Special Q&A Saturday Women’s Unity Luncheon with Terry Matlen & Sari Solden
● Meet and connect with people like you: Peer groups for Young Adults, LGBTQ, African
American/Black Diaspora, South Asian Indians, Retirees, Couples, Women, Men,
Beginners, Healthy Habit Building, High IQ+ADHD, Non-ADHD Partners, Solopreneurs
● Watch sessions you missed: access for 2 weeks after the conference (except keynote)
● Virtual exhibit hall — chat with the teams, ask questions
● Networking opportunities — connect with other ADHD professionals
● Stay married. ADHD affects relationships — learn how to manage it!
● Sinbad will be there! “You, Me and ADHD…a Day in the Life of One of America’s Funniest Comedians” (closing keynote — LIVE only) Conference Hashtag: #ADHDCon2020

Links & resources:
How to register: How to use the Platform: A
How to automate Conference Hashtags:
Rates: ​ /
Registration Link:
Conference Platform YouTube:
Day-of-Conference: ​ />For Presenters (create a profile): ​ />
Why should you attend the Virtual International Conference on ADHD 2020?
Organizations behind the Conference: CHADD:

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