Forty five SCARY but VERY COMMON ANXIETY SYMPTOMS / alarm attack / disorders

I actually have created this very intensive list for you guys. I’m hoping it will ease your mind 🙂
Fright and alarm attacks can discipline off all kinds of psychological and physical symptoms. So this video is a summary of all kinds of symptoms have lived trough myself or know others have skilled. In case i’ve uncared for one please let me know within the comments so i will gain an whole list of fear symptoms.

Here the list:
1. Ringing within the ears
2. Impaired hearing
3. blurry imaginative and prescient
4. insomnia
5. dry mouth
6. Jaw effort
7. Feeling of floating
8. Ear stress
9. Dizziness
10. Headaches
11. Hypochondria
12. Need for wait on watch over
13. focus problems
14. fixed physique checking
15. Afraid of being alone
16. Extraordinarily health coscious
17. Novel phobias
18. scare of making a fool of your self
19. waiting for impending doom
20. defend away from public spaces
21. fixed scare of death
22. feeling of being confined
23. very self- awake
24. helpless
25. depression
26. frequent crying
27. mood swings
28. Coronary heart sensations
29. shortness of breath
30. burning sensations
31. chronic fatigue
32. electric shock emotions
33. restless leg syndrome
34. diminished or increased energy
35. muscle twitching
36. muscle tension
37. Numbness
38. diminished sex power
39. Without distress starled
40. Rude sweating
41. off balance feeling
42. frequent urination
43. archaic limbs
44. Drug and alcohol abuse

Extended list of symptoms i bought from the direct piece:

45. weight loss
46. pharmacophobia (scare of taking remedy)
47. depersonalization / derealization

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