Hoarding Disorder – It’s More than Messy

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Hoarding used to be a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder. A person would have persistent thoughts of collecting or acquiring things, or rituals of holding on to items.

But research using functional brain imaging has shown that different areas of the brain are affected with hoarding than with OCD. So with the 2013, 5th edition of the diagnostic manual, hoarding and OCD were pulled out of the anxiety disorder section and hoarding became it’s own disorder under the compulsive disorders section of the manual along with OCD, hair pulling, skin picking and body dysmorphia.

Other conditions associated with hoarding are being indecisive,
And trouble planning and organizing tasks

Animal hoarding is an unofficial subtype of hoarding where you accumulate a large number of animals but fail to provide minimum standards of nutrition and sanitation for the animals.

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