How can I help the teachers of ADHD students?

Hello Teachers of Brains!

I know you’re out there in the classroom every day, overwhelmed with the number of students/lesson plans/IEPs/504 plans/etc. etc. etc. You don’t have to worry — I’m not here for you to add to your workload, but I would like to make it simpler. I’m here to help your ADHD students, regardless of whether they have been diagnosed. We wish you a happy return to school

(Classroom-friendly!) Fidgets:

An all-brains-appropriate version of our “you are not alone” poster: technical difficulties uploading this, please check back after Edward gets some sleep

The poster that inspired the iceberg animation in ADDitude Magazine was used as the basis. It can be found here: e

This is ADHD.
“Failing at Normal” – An ADHD Success Story – My TEDx talk. />


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