How To Tell what Mania and Hypomania Really Look like

Bipolar disorder is often very misunderstood. It is often believed that any condition that is unstable can be classified as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be defined as the presence of hypomania or mania. Both bipolar disorder as well as unipolar depression can be characterized by depression. If you’re wondering if you have bipolar disorder, Your doctor or therapist should first ask if you have ever experienced a manic episode. Bipolar disorder is defined by mania.

This video also answers the question, “Can your bipolar diagnosis change?

Today’s video will explain the difference between hypomania and mania. I’ll also answer the question, “Can your diagnosis change between bipolar 1 and bipolar 2?” This video will help you understand mania, but it won’t help you diagnose. To be assessed if you suspect you might have bipolar disorder you should consult a doctor.

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