How Toxic Creativity affects ADHD Productivity | Podcast with Diane O’Reilly

On this podcast episode, Lynne Edris talks with ADHD Educated Diane O’Reilly about creativity in adults with ADHD, and the importance of tapping into that creativity for happiness, correctly-being, and even productiveness!

This podcast episode originally aired on 2/8/2018.

For added than a decade, Lynne Edris has helped knowing, generous consultants who’re stuck because they’ll’t focal level, pause organized, procure things performed, and note-via repeatedly. She helps her client customers initiating up “firing on all cylinders” in all areas of life, so as that they’ve additional time and extra energy for what they worship. You may perhaps presumably presumably also learn extra about Lynne and the applications and products and services she affords at her net page:

Diane O’Reilly is a skilled licensed Life Coach specializing in ADHD. She is an ex-pat Brit living outside Toronto Canada with her Husband and their 4 feisty boys. An adult with ADHD herself and a busy mother, she’s drawn to work with of us sharing identical experiences such as Entrepreneurial ADHD Adults, Other folks & Children. Consult with Diane’s net page at to learn extra about her and what she does.

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