If You Experience These Symptoms Of Anxiety It’s Time For Healing ❤️

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Video notes on today’s video on anxiety symptoms:

1) Head pressure, headaches: too much mental activity, looking to solve everything mentally, no trust in heart or intuition leading.

2) Teeth clenching + Hands clenching: Anger, anger towards themselves or others still lingering from past, blame.

3) Chest pressure: overwhelm, too much being taken on, trying to be everything for everyone.

4) Legs wobbly: too much reliance on others, can’t stand tall and alone, fear of loneliness.

5) Muscle Twitching: suppressed anger, it’s not the way I want it to be, expectations not met.

6) Dizziness + depersonalization: Scattered thinking and inability to focus on one thing, fear of calmness, fear of peace, fear of change.

7) Stomach: Nervousness and hesitation about the future. Difficulty digesting new beliefs and ideas, fear of letting go and exploring unfamiliar experiences, fear of letting others down.

8) Throat tightness, lump feeling: the avenue of expression, an inability to express ideas, own beliefs, ‘suppressed rage.’

9) Heart palpitations: Past trauma replaying in the present, 5 senses unconsciously picking up something in the environment connected to trauma from the past.

10) Shaking and or muscle twitches: Fatigue from fighting for something, hoping not to lose something valuable in life either a person, finances, or job. Fear of letting go and trusting.

“You will always be your greatest investment.”

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