Hormones and neurotransmitters both function in the body as chemical messengers. Hormones, which are chemical molecules produced by the endocrine systems, such as estrogen, melatonin and testosterone, are released by cells into extracellular liquids to regulate the metabolism of other cells. Endogenous substances like dopamine and glutamate as well as endorphins, serotonin, and endorphins are neurotransmitters. They transmit impulses through a chemical synapse from one nerve cell or another.

This presentation focuses on clinical depression. It is a serious medical condition that can affect your mood, thinking and behavior. A person with clinical depression has a reduced ability to function normally. People with clinical depression often lose interest in previously pleasurable activities and feel hopeless and gloomy for long periods. It can have an effect on your body, moods, ideas, and actions. It can alter your eating habits, thoughts, feelings, work capacity, social interactions, and even your relationships with others. Anxiety Disorder excessive fear and worry is different from regular feelings of anxiety or apprehension. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness. They affect about 30% adults at one time or another. Anxiety disorders can be treated and there are many effective treatments. The majority of people can live normal, productive lives with treatment. This may cause people to try to avoid situations that can trigger or aggravate their symptoms. It can affect your job performance, academic performance, and personal relationships. It addresses the root causes and who is most at risk.

It discusses how to convince people to get rid of the stigma surrounding anxiety disorders and clinical depression.Be aware of your thoughts and actions. Choose your words carefully. Focus on the positive side of things. It is illegal to deny someone with a medical condition a job or service. People should be supported. Everyone deserves dignity, respect, encouragement and support. Combatting mental stigma is an important approach to support your mental health and give people who are suffering silently a voice. Depression is something that you can overcome. It doesn’t define you.

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