LIVE EVENT Q&A: Dr. Andrew Huberman Question & Answer in Seattle, WA

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting two live events, one in Seattle, WA and one in Portland, OR. These events were part a lecture series called The Brain Body Contract. The question and answer period was my favorite part of each evening. It allowed me to answer questions from attendees at each event. Here is the Q&A taken from our Seattle event.

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00: 00: 00 The Brain Body Contract Q&A
00: 01: 07 Momentous Supplements, InsideTracker
00: 01: 35 Upcoming Live Events: Los Angeles & New York
00: 02: 16 What Is Your Most-Used Protocol?
00: 04: 12 Should You Vary Wake-Up Time Seasonally?
00: 06: 05 Why Is My Drive Depleted Upon Waking-Up?
00: 08: 42 What Are Your Favorite/Most Impactful Books?
00: 12: 08 What Excites You About the Future of Mental Health Treatment?
00: 17: 25 What Is the Biggest Area Tor Performance Enhancement?
00: 21: 44 Can You Still Do a Kickflip?
00: 22: 32 Tips on How to Improve Memory
00: 24: 54 How Do You Manage Social Media Addiction?
00: 27: 43 Were You Nervous Tonight/ How Did You Prepare?
00: 29: 10 Is Learning from Failure Equal to Learning from Success?
00: 32: 23 When Are You Going to Start Training Jiu-Jitsu?
00: 33: 28 Discuss the Supplements You Take
00: 36: 29 Advice or Protocols to Improve Learning & Retention
00: 38: 42 What Exciting Research/Work are You Doing?
00: 40: 22 How Does Dopamine Factor into Neuroplasticity?
00: 43: 12 What Advice Do You Have for Future Scientists?
00: 46: 47 Is Age 66 Too Old for Neuroplasticity & Learning?
00: 48: 00 How Do You Read Research Papers?
00: 49: 40 What is Your Favorite Condiment?
00: 50: 10 Most Important Takeaway from Your ADHD Research?
00: 52: 58 What Future Episodes Are in the Pipeline?

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