Looking out For A Uncommon Congolese Weed Stress With “The Kings of Cannabis” | VICE on HBO

Over the final 20 years, Franco Loja and Arjan Roskam, customarily known as the “Kings of Cannabis,” enjoy made hundreds and hundreds of bucks scouring the enviornment for uncommon traces of weed to breed and then promote.

Now, they’ve changed into their sights on Equatorial Africa, particularly the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as their subsequent gold mine — and a fashion to revolutionize the hashish replace.

“Equatorial Africa is one the ideal preserved attributable to the wars, the lack of infrastructure, political unrest. All these conditions created isolation there,” Loja outlined. “In declare that is the build we’re going.”

Loja and Roskam built their worldwide powerhouse on inbred traces of hashish known as “landraces” that they’ve smooth from all around the enviornment — Argentina, Australia, and Brazil, simply to name a few spots. Without these traces, the duo’s diverse breeding enterprises, Amsterdam coffeeshops, and even distribution centers wouldn’t exist.

VICE News met up with the “Kings of Cannabis” for a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hunt for one in every of the rarest species of Cannabis but, the actual Congolese landrace.

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