Medicating ADHD: Diagnosis and the Long-Term Outcomes of the Drugs

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Two of Robert Whitaker’s books on this topic are among the many most cited in the literature: Enraged in The USA (2002) and Anatomy of an Epidemic (2010). He has received varied awards (listed beneath), including a George Polk Award for scientific writing and a Nationwide Affiliation of Science Writers Award for finest magazine article. He changed into as soon as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 1998.

Whitaker’s work has alerted each the scientific community and most of us to the serious dangers of psychotropic medicines when susceptible for prolonged intervals. He has turn true into a regular reference for the facts.

Robert Whitaker is a prominent scientific writer, whose focus is on psychiatric care and psychotropic medications. In this presentation he offers critical data about how ADHD —now an “epidemic”— is diagnosed and why users of medicines for ADHD wishes to be cautious. Fresh data tales regarding the hazards of prolonged-timeframe ADHD medications and the extra overall exercise of those medications to fortify focus underscore the importance of Whitaker’s dialogue.

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