My Mega List of Adult Female ADHD symptoms (Part 1)

PART 2: g

Worried you might have ADHD? Here is a list I compiled of all the behaviours I do as a that I feel link up with my adult ADHD diagnosis.

Maybe we can find some common ground?

I included my gender because female ADHD symptoms can often differ from male.

If you suspect you have undiagnosed ADHD, the best person to see is a professional for diagnosis and treatment, not a video on the Internet.

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00: 00 Intro
01: 17 Genetics
01: 56 Inability to sit still, restless
02: 41 Memory issues that impact day-to-day life
03: 15 Daily routines needed for comfort and stability
04: 02 Executive Dysfunction
04: 41 Poor memory needing visual prompts/cues
05: 04 Easily distracted/impulsive, leading to unfinished tasks
07: 12 Needs constant reminding to undertake tasks
07: 44 Difficulty intaking and retaining instructions
08: 23 Difficulty following instructions/makes careless mistakes
08: 48 Difficulty remembering words, leading to mix-ups
09: 01 Difficulty remembering words mid conversation
09: 40 Difficulty connecting pre-planned thoughts to words
10: 18 Rushing through work, leading to careless mistakes
11: 27 Difficulty remembering names and personal details
12: 33 Difficulty intaking and retaining information
13: 46 Distractible and hard to focus on a conversation
14: 55 Repetition in casual conversation
15: 10 Emotional dysregulation (Hard to control emotional reactions)
16: 01 Better memory retention for stimulating interests (eg, watching tv)
16: 59 Hyperfixation, leading to better engagement with stimulating interests
18: 18 Outro

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