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For over 10years, FranklinCovey has been a consultant, organizational development expert and sales Guru. Rebecca has had the opportunity to learn about effectiveness from every angle throughout her career. Her real expertise in this topic comes from living with and loving ADHD Husband and Son for more than 141,322 hours of her life. She loves public speaking and being able to speak on a topic that she is passionate about. All is well in the world if you give her a stage with a flip-chart.

Not Wrong, Just Different [ADHD our Innovationators ]
Today, more than 18million people are diagnosed with ADHD. They struggle with double the average divorce rate, higher addiction rates, and increased crime rates. They are in trouble. They also have some of the most creative and innovative minds. It’s a loss of creativity in a linear society. What if they were seen differently? What if our paradigms were changed to not wrong but different? Only then can we truly tap into the potential of these relationships. We can then look for educational opportunities and allow them to solve our greatest problems. We must first see them differently. It’s not wrong, just different.

What is TEDx?

TEDx is a program that promotes ideas worth spreading. TEDx is a series of self-organized, local events that bring people together for a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxFortWayne. X stands for independently-organized TED events. Our TEDxFortWayne event will feature TEDTalks video and live speakers to encourage deep discussion and connection among small groups. Although the TED Conference offers general guidance, individual TEDx events (including ours) can be self-organized.

This independent TEDx event was created under license by TED.

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