Politics, Advocacy, Self-Care, ADHD and Gaslighting (Full Episode 158, ADHD reWired)

Best-selling author, blogger, speaker, and friend Stephanie Sarkis returns to the podcast on this episode. Recently, one of Stephanie’s blog posts went viral, and she was interviewed on CNN. This article was on “gaslighting.” She joins me on this episode to discuss this topic and the issues surrounding it.

In this conversation, we use Stephanie’s blog piece on gaslighting to jump into a discussion on the current political environment. We talk about how the current climate is affecting us all as individuals. Stephanie shares how to practice good self-care, and we talk about how to engage in constructive discourse with those that we don’t agree with.

In this episode, you will hear some of my personal political opinions. ADHD reWired is more than a podcast, we are a community. As a community, I want to bring people together so we can learn more from each other. These conversations about politics may be difficult; it’s my hope that these conversations can help us all become better listeners, communicators, and citizens.

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