Practical Solutions for Symptoms of ADHD with Dr. Hokehe Effiong HPC: E130

Better Brain, Better Game!

How about a board-certified pediatrician who Googled an answer for a struggling family, and opened up a whole new world of information and training for herself?

Dr. Hokehe Effiong helps families struggling with symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity to avoid the ADHD label, see the potential in their children, dig down to the root cause(s), and truly thrive at school and at home.

You’ll love Dr. Effiong’s stories and passion to help kids reach their potential, often without prescription medications.

In this very timely interview for me all about kids with ADHD symptoms, you’ll learn:

What 2 assessments need to sync up in order for a child to be diagnosed with ADHD
What questions parents should ask their pediatrician if they receive a new ADHD diagnosis
Some of the incredibly diverse possible root causes for ADHD (which those prescriptions won’t touch) and the most common root cause she sees in her practice
Some simple – you won’t believe how simple! – solutions to that most common root cause
Whether ADHD is a parenting problem or not
First steps Dr. Effiong recommends to parents, ONE step at a time, to begin to support their child’s mind and body and reduce the symptoms of ADHD
Hot tips for cooking together with an impulsive or distracted child

Following Dr. Effiong’s tips will truly help ANY family thrive together, build true connection, and be confident in managing behavior and seeing the best in their kids — but families struggling with ADHD will be powerfully changed by this interview.

Resources We Mention for ADHD Symptoms
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Which form of magnesium do you need? /
Why you should eliminate dairy: /
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5 tools to improve sleep quality: /
Bluelight blocking glasses: 4
Real Plans meal planning service: s
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Energy bite recipe: /
Helping kids with sensory processing disorder eat well: /
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Connect with her on social media:, /
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