Russell Barkley explains ADHD / forklarer ADHD


This is a collection of clips, with subtitles in Norwegian, where Russell Barkley speaks about the motivation, emotion, behavior, hyperactivity, attention, accountability and focus aspects of ADD/ADHD. Barkley explains the most recent research and can be used to explain the disorder to parents, teachers, doctors, and therapists.

This disorder is often misunderstood even by the medical community. ADD/ADHD sufferers can be mistakenly diagnosed with personality disorders or depression.

This screening test
will confirm that you are suffering from ADHD. .

You must be completely truthful. Take the time to think about these questions. If you feel that these are your most frequent issues, don’t tick the “Very Often” or “Often” boxes. You should not take the test unless you’re a legal adult. Different diagnostic criteria apply to children and teens.

You should get tested positive if you are diagnosed with the disorder. However, regular psychiatrists and therapists will not be able to help in most cases. Their knowledge is often decades old and they still view the disorder as an attention and hyperactivity problem. If possible, you should seek immediate medical attention. If you don’t, be prepared to argue with many uninformed therapists who will then label you as a difficult client. Doctors also have egos and don’t like patients who are more informed than they.

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