What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

Depression Symptoms and Warning SignsHow to recognize the symptoms and get effective help / 30-year veteran psychiatrist Dr. Robert McMullen is a specialist provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS….

Depression & suicidal thoughts – What is the first sign of depression?

In this video Robert D. McMullen, MD will talk about: Depression & suicidal thoughtsWhat is the first sign of depression?How to seek treatment for depression? TMS BrainCareAddress: #2, 171 W…

New Depression Treatment 2020

New Depression Treatment TMS BrainCare Address: 2nd, 171 W 79th St., New York, NY 10024Phone: (212) 362-9635m

Omega 3 as Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Omega 3 as Depression & Anxiety TreatmentIn this video, we introduce Robert D. McMullen, MD who is a psychiatrist in NYC who has been performing psychopharmacology for over 30 years,…