Working from Home with ADHD

Co-hosts Lynne Edris & Tara McGillicuddy talk about working from home with ADHD. They discuss the unique challenges and benefits of working from home with ADHD, and share practical strategies…

ADHD Aha! | ADHD, working memory, and feeling like a “burden” (Pablo’s story)

Pablo Chavez is forgetful and easily distracted, and he has trouble managing emotions. He’s also a playful, fun dad. He has a unique bond with his daughter, who has autism….

Finishing Projects, Transitions and Working Memory with ADHD Podcast with Jeff Copper

Co-host Lynne Edris and Jeff Copper dig a little deeper into how working memory challenges get in the way of life for adults with ADHD / ADD on an everyday…

Creating Structure & Working From Home During Lockdown  [ADHD] thumbnail

Creating Structure & Working From Home During Lockdown [ADHD]

How to get a Diagnosis To receive perks, join this channel n Please be aware that I am not a physician. #ADHD #Organisation #Routine

Immune Gut & Brain
Strategies For Working With Bad Anxiety Issues thumbnail

Strategies For Working With Bad Anxiety Issues

Sometimes you may feel stressed and anxious on a daily basis? Tend not to let stress manage your life. You need to find an excellent way to control these negative emotions, rather than running away. Look at this article if you want to discover more about stress management solutions.Make an effort to exercise every day

Does ADHD medication stop working after 2-3 years

Dr Koplow’s discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D – Child and Adolescent Psychologist Co-Founder of the Child and Teen Success Centers in NY and NJ

Why I Can’t Remember Things — How ADHD Affects Working Memory

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Working Out ADHD in Kids

How does exercise help manage symptoms of ADHD in children? It can be challenging for ADHD parents and children to manage their symptoms using medication or psychotherapy. Exercise can be…

Testimonial: How was your experience working with The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center?

Many times when working on anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder people are made to feel crazy, judged, or alone. Melanie describes when working with The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center…