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(I apologize for the quality of the video. Donald Trump coughed on mine devices, and they’re now infected. Although technical problems have plagued me for the past week, they did not stop me from writing to you and thanking you for your help while I worked on Ep. 5)

This is a quick note to say thank you to all the black women and women of color who have discovered this channel and are sticking with us for the ride. When I began aggressively treating my ADHD last summer, I found what I could not find on YouTube and social media: women like me who are willing and able to share their experiences with ADHD. Because not enough people are seeking help, black women are almost invisible in the mental healthcare conversation. Why? It is impossible to treat something we do not acknowledge. It is my passion to bring ADHD out of the shadows of shame. God created us all this way. Your purpose, your calling, and your reason are found in your unique and abundant gifts with ADHD.
If you have any questions or comments, I am available to help! To reach 1 ,000 subscribers, the next milestone in ADHD is the new Black. This will allow me to have more live interaction and interaction with my fellow absent-minded queens. Please share this video or the channel. Click “Like” or “Subscribe” to show your support.

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